Great camera!

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We bought this camera to replace our aging 5 MP camera. My shooting ability is an amateur. This camera is for me to look I know what I’m doing. If there is a simple point-and-shoot that you want, this camera is for you. If your looking for professional images you want, this camera is for you too. One makes the switch to automatic, manual and video mode. One of the company and also, in the case of manual settings on the camera will remember. Although the camera is turned off, a. This is useful when two different people taking pictures during the day ( “I like the manual mode, my wife prefers the automatic). This is the general settings like portrait, night snapshot, kids and pets etc., but also have specific settings such as ISO, AWB, My Colors (vivid, sepia, etc.) and sharply CONTINUS. can be mounted on a tripod. Screen size is adequate and the brightness can be adjusted. View button appears on the screen , display off, or simply an object. It comes with manual and software CD (Sorry, no book). There is a little “Getting Started” booklet included. software allows the user to change the image before sending them, or afterwards. It also includes USB and video cable. I did not take time to fully evaluate the software, but so far I am satisfied. To look at you, how much memory is needed, we bought a 4 gigabyte card i. At the highest resolution, this card can store more than 1,400 pictures. The camera is not in his memory. size is slightly smaller than I used to. This is the same size as a credit card and slightly thicker than half an inch. One small con is that the battery must be removed and spun into the wall, including the charger. There is “without full light that lights up when fully charged. The full charge will be completely dead for about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Battery life seems great, but we get only about 25 shots so far.


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